I believe that school is an important and irreplaceable social learning environment. However, I’ve found that when the goal is to make an academic (and cognitive) leap; personalized, family-centric one-on-one attention is sometimes the best way. It is for this reason that I love to help children reach their goals (extension and support), one at a time!

~Every student has individual goals, and those goals should be respected by an individualized approach.~

My approach is to take full advantage of the 1:1 ratio by getting to know my students’ interests, personal development, special needs, motivations, and academic goals. I then design a series of lessons that aim to engage your child’s curiosities while progressing them towards their academic goals. In this way, I am able to meet each student where they are academically and provide captivating enrichment and support to the whole child. This personalized approach will help your child gain academic and personal confidence.

My lessons include hands-on, meaningful learning experiences rather than an endless pile of worksheets. I believe that knowledge is constructed from first hand experience and can not be poured or drilled into a child’s head.


~I love to watch as children discover the wonder and satisfaction that comes from feeding their curiosities.~

Your child’s custom curriculum will:

  • Utilize his/her interests to engage in enrichment, and/or support for any content area.
  • Build and explore concepts through “real life” contexts, games, and hands-on activities.
  • Incorporate interdisciplinary experiences that add depth to school curriculum.
  • Include visual and performing art projects which integrate learning objectives.
  • Feel like playing!
  • Include regular authentic assessments to track achievements.
  • Encourage a high level of involvement and communication with parents/caretakers.

The goal of our first meeting will be to become acquainted. I will spend a little time talking with Mom/Dad to talk about goals. Then I’ll spend about 20 minutes with your child so that I can assess their interests, personal goals, and learning preferences. I will come prepared with a low pressure activity. I generally either email or discuss in person the remaining details such as schedule, personalized approach and goals, and cost.


Get in Touch!

Parents should begin by calling me to discuss the needs and goals of their child. I often find that I begin to help from the first chat! I generally work with children that are between 4-12 years old.

My work doesn’t often leave a paper trail, however below you’ll find some examples of the type of work I might do that does require paper and pen.

Math Work Examples

Early Childhood Reading/Writing Work Examples

Middle Childhood Writing Work Example

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