I work with families who have concerns or questions in regard to their young children. Very young children don’t come with a user manual, and google is often a mess of conflicting advice. What most parents need is someone to talk to who deeply listens to their concerns and helps guide them to the answers they seek.

My insight and advice is based on child development theory, as well as progressive education pedagogies. I can help bring balance and harmony to the family as a whole by addressing everyone’s individual needs and desires.

I can help with:

  • Behavioral Issues
  • Meal Time Struggles
  • Sharing
  • Routine
  • Sleep Issues
  • Playroom design (toy and material selection and layout)
  • Preschool Selection

I will begin our session by discussing goals and areas of concern with the parents. Then we will spend some time together as a family. This gives me an opportunity to observe the dynamics and also address conflicts and questions as they arise. I will send a report after our session which summarizes my thoughts and advice and may include further resource suggestions.

Please contact me for more information or to discuss your needs and goals.

If you are interested in academic consulting please visit the Tutoring page.