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About Meryl


I am originally from Putnam County, NY. I moved to Eagle Rock, CA and received my BA in Theater from Occidental College in 2005. After college, I lived in New York City and worked as a project manager at an architectural lighting design firm. During the Great Recession I received an opportunity to go back to school and discovered I could use of all my skills and experience as an educator. I received my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education in 2013.

I have taught in a wide variety of settings, from independent Pre-K to public 5th Grade classrooms, as well as in client’s homes and group classes at indoor play-spaces.  My passion is to share the knowledge and experience I have acquired with families, and their young children. I do this in several ways:

Family Tutoring

In my work with families and their children I have found that I can attain incredible academic leaps by combing tailored 1-on-1 attention with family support and education. My approach is unique in that my goal is to provide support for families to continue independently, rather than having weekly visits indefinitely.  My approach is not a band-aid, but rather, true support for both parent and child; to identify the issues and to create a plan towards resolution.

Curriculum Consultation

I have found that while many schools would like to offer research-based progressive education, there are pitfalls that many struggle with. I work with schools to help educate and inspire their staff through focused professional development programs, and assist directors in curriculum planning as well as classroom layout and material organization.

Parent and Me

When I became a mother, I wanted to attend a parent and me class with my son, and couldn’t find one I loved. I decided it was time to apply my pedagogy to young children and their parents, and make my own class, and that is how Romp and Rollick was born! My goal is to offer a whole suite of classes to appeal to every age and stage. This goal is a work in progress! For more information, please visit